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Albert Peek

Albert Peek

Albert Peek is the founder of Albert Peek Realty and Investment Corporation. This Ocala company has developed numerous and substantial projects which include:

  • Office complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Residential subdivisions

His favorite real estate venture was developing the stunning Country Club of Ocala (golf course/subdivision).

Creating a better future for his family and the families of those in his community is Peek’s main focus. This motivation is evident in the real estate projects his company brings to the table.


  • Albert Peek is a 1968 graduate of Ocala High School.
  • He then attended the University of Florida where he served as the manager for the Gator’s swimming team and studied Real Estate Finance/Urban Planning.
  • Following a short stint with the Petroleum Transfer Industry/Transportation Rehabilitation, Mr. Peek soon began buying and selling real estate. He fondly recalls the memories of selling his first small subdivisions (cemetery plots).
  • By 1976 Peek was a partner and real estate appraiser at Ocala’s Campbell Realty Company.
  • One year later he joined forces with Steve Albright and established the Albright & Peek Realty and Investment Corporation.

On A More Personal Note

While his realty and investment clients demand careful attention, Mr. Peek strives to balance his career obligations with a happy personal life. Although he tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife of 22 years (Marilyn) and his children, Mr. Peek does not neglect his community responsibilities. He continues to be an active member and enthusiastic supporter of many charitable and civic organizations within the Ocala area.

Kirk Boone

Kirk Boone

Kirk A. Boone is one of Florida’s leading real estate developers. He has been active in the world of real estate and property development for more than 20 years. During this time, Mr. Boone has been responsible for the acquisition and development of some of the premier residential tracts in the Ocala/Marion region.

Mr. Boone’s professional career includes both business and real estate experience. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Florida Choice Bank of Ocala and has also been elected to the Board of Directors for the Gateway Bank of Central Florida. From 1988-1998 Mr. Boone provided real estate appraisals to major businesses and individuals alike.

His alma mater is the University of Florida where he earned his degree in Business Administration.

While he is still an active supporter of the Gator sports teams, Mr. Boone has also found time to devote to his community through participation in the Rotary Club, MCYFL and the United Way of Marion County.

As co-owner of the Ocala Development Company, Mr. Boone has gained additional prominence in the local business community. One of his more familiar real estate ventures to local South Marion County residents was the establishment of Gator Joe’s Beach Bar and Grill. Mr. Boone is a co-owner of this popular restaurant located near Ocala, Florida.

Bryce Peek

Bryce Peek has been an Ocala Development real estate sales associate since February, 2011. During this time he has been balancing the demands of business clients in conjunction with the expectations of the local community.

His expertise deals primarily with projects that are devoted to the development of large tracts that contain extensive acreage. These tracts are intended for use in the commercial real estate industry or they may be transformed into mini-farms or residential subdivisions.

The Ocala Development team is committed to tradition and excellence in the real estate industry. These are ideals that are important to Bryce; he is proud to be associated with a firm that strives to build a foundation of trust and respect with both customers and the community.

With a background that includes working as an internet marketing consultant, Bryce understands how to create sales campaigns that get results. He also uses social media to help clients find the right buyers for the properties they are placing on the open market.

Bryce has found time to participate in many community organizations, and he also is serving as the Vice-President of the Downtown Business Alliance in Ocala, Florida. His goal is to add more diversity to this shopping district by making it more attractive to businesses.

Robert C. (Bobby) Bryant

Bobby Bryant

Educational and Work History

  • Graduated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of South Florida in 1981.
  • Worked for 3 years as a real estate fee appraiser with Albright and Associates in Ocala.
  • From 1988-1992 Bobby Bryant was a sales associate with Bill Rodgers Realty.
  • From 1992-1994 he was employed with Manning Building Supplies as a sales rep/contractor liaison.
  • In 1994 he joined the team at Albert Peek Realty and Investment Corporation where he was able to pursue his work as a fee appraiser.

Experience and Work Skills

  • Bobby Bryant has completed CFCC (Central Florida Community College) courses in residential appraisals.
  • He has also completed numerous other courses dealing with valuation and appraisal standards.
  • There are bi-annual CEU requirements that must be met in order for him to maintain his appraisal certification.
  • Mr. Bryant is not only a certified residential appraiser, he is also a licensed real estate broker.
  • As an active member of the National Association of Realtors; Florida Association of Realtors and the Ocala Board of Realtors, he realizes the obligations that he needs to meet on his client’s behalf.
  • Mr. Bryant has many years of active experience in the real estate appraisal field that will benefit each individual.


As a member of the Albert Peek Realty team, Robert C. Bryant is committed to making a difference in the world around him. His time is divided between family life, career and civic obligations. He delivers his best efforts to his clients and yet finds time to serve his community through active participation in a variety of charitable and civic organizations.

Jim Fielding

Jim Fielding is one of the associates that customers enjoy working with at the Albert Peele Realty and Investment Corporation. He has been with this real estate firm since 1997 and has developed a strong client base during this time.

Prior to his work in the real estate and property development industry, Jim was a 1978 graduate of Forest High School. He received his BA from the University of Florida in 1988 and then began working at Ocala National Bank (ONB) the following year. He remained with ONB for 8 years before moving to his current Peele Realty & Investment Company career.

In 2008, Jim earned his state certification as a residential real estate appraiser. This is a distinction that can only be achieved through hard work, dedication and a commitment to being a consummate real estate professional.

His area of specializations include FHA and conventional loans as well as appraisals of single and multiple family residential units. Clients can also benefit from Jim’s expertise in the valuation of single family income properties.

As an active member in his community, Jim understands what is important to consumers and families. He is happy to share his expertise and knowledge of today’s real estate market with his clients.

T. Frank Varnadoe

Thomas Franklin Varnadoe is a registered real estate appraiser in the state of Florida. He has been a member of the sales/appraisal staff at Albert Peek Realty & Investment Corporation since 2009. During the past 3 years, Mr. Varnadoe has conducted appraisals for both banks and independent mortgage lenders. Prior to working with Peek Realty, he spent 10 years as an associate at another local Ocala firm, Golden Realty and Appraisal.

Earlier Background

Mr. Varnadoe attended Forest High School (1980-1984) in Ocala, Florida. Shortly after graduation he enrolled at Central Florida Community College where he earned an Associate’s Degree. Using his newly acquired computer skills he forged an IT career at IBM.

In 1999 he received his trainee appraiser license from the state of Florida. In 2000 he had earned a valid real estate appraiser license and began focusing on his new career path. This licensure requires Mr. Varnadoe to regularly update his knowledge base with continuing education courses.


As a member of the Albert Peek Realty and Investment Corporation team, Frank Varnadoe brings a unique set of skills into play; he is qualified to deliver accurate, honest appraisals for customers. Mr. Varnadoe has a background that includes exceptional skills in customer service,
and is also a master with computer technology, where he is able to quickly extract those crucial bits of data that can make or break an important deal.

Tim Cicchella

Tim Cicchella is a licensed Realtor® in the Ocala, Florida community. He is licensed by the State and is a member of the Ocala Development Company sales staff. Tim can offer you experience and a discerning eye regarding any type of real estate transaction.

This native Floridian hails from the city of Fort Lauderdale. He has never strayed far from his roots and upon graduating high school, Tim immediately realized that he was a perfect fit for the UF campus.

He earned a BA at the University of Florida and then began to follow his career of choice. Today he divides his time between work, Gator sports, outdoor sports and exploring life on his farm in Fort McCoy, Florida. He shares his love of nature and the outdoors with his wife and children.

Active in the real estate business since 2004, Tim has now acquired a wealth of knowledge concerning the buying and selling of land in the Sunshine State. He is happy to help any client who needs his services, but his area of expertise involves the purchase, sale and development of large tracts of land. This acreage is usually designated to be used for timber, agricultural or recreational purposes.

Tim’s love of hunting, fishing, diving and farming has contributed to his understanding of how best to utilize those large tracts of land. Protecting the environment and developing land resources in a responsible manner are key elements that Tim can assist his clients to manage.

Dan Shimasaki

Dan Shimaski

Dan Shimasaki semi-retired from a combination of Governmental experience serving the public at the local level then promoting to the State of Florida Department of Transportation where he became the Districts Coordinator monitoring Florida's Highways.

An education and background in Planning & Development, Engineering and Transportation enabled Dan to change with the tides and obtain a Florida Real Estate License to serve primarily in the Commercial and Development market leasing and selling.

Additional successful services include Business Sales and Income Producing Properties due to his large network of investors within the United States and International out reach. Due to his knowledge of Florida's growth and the local demographics, he has proven to be an asset to his clients and prospects who obtain his services.

Jennifer Hay

Jennifer Hay is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida. Jennifer's involvement with the Real Estate Business stems back from 2005 as she was the former Co-Owner of another real estate firm. She was founder and owner of a retail flower shop in Marion county for twenty years.

As a small business owner Jennifer Hay developed all of the skills to have always have strong advocacy for her clients, unparalleled integrity, out-of-the-box thinking, contract expertise and proven negotiation experience. All this, conjoined with specialized market knowledge, ensures her clients are equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions with confidence and comfort. Jennifer's honest approach and unmatched work ethic, coupled with her understanding of the importance of resale gives her an innate ability to connect with clients and work with their best interests at heart. Jennifer is a from Denver, Colorado. But has been blessed to call Ocala home for the past 22 years.

She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Jennifer is an active board member with a local 501-3 c that purchases new beds for children, women and families transitioning from domestic violence and homeless shelters.